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Experimental Lithic Residue Images

Below are links to pdfs containing the images used in the publication “Swept under the rug: the problem of unacknowledged ambiguity in lithic residue identification” by Gilliane Monnier, Jammi Ladwig, and Samantha Porter, in press, Journal of Archaeological Science.

The images used to train the experimental subjects in analysis of lithic residues are included, as well as the images used in the blind tests.  This website will be fully updated by the time the article is published.

Please contact Gilliane Monnier at with any questions.

Blind Test 1 Bone scraping images

Blind Test 1 Fraxinus whittling images

Blind Test 1 Hide scraping images

Blind Test 1 Picea whittling images

Blind Test 1 Potato scraping images

Blind Test 1 Antler scraping images

Blind Test 2 All Images

Training Images Antler Residues

Training Images Bone Residues

Training Images Fraxinus Residues RS8

Training Images Fraxinus Residues RS9

Training Images Hide Residues

Training Images Picea Residues

Training Images Potato Residues

Training SEM Images Antler Residues

Training SEM Images Bone Residues

Training SEM Images Fraxinus

Training SEM Images Hide Residues

Training SEM Images Picea Residues

Training SEM Images Potato Residues