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Anthropolgy Labs

The Courses listed below are affiliated with the Anthropology Labs. A student participating in these courses wil gain hands-on experience in archaeology and biological anthropology. To view a brief description of any of the courses, click the course number. The following courses are of relevance to the Anthropology Labs. To find current course offerings, please see the UMN Registration Search.

Special Programs

The Department of Anthropology also offers opportunities for independent study and research on North American archaeology-related topics. For undergraduates, the courses are Anth 4991 Independent Study), Anth 4993 (Directed Study), Anth 4994W (Directed Research).For graduate students, the numbers are Anth 8991 (Independent Study), Anth 8992 (Directed Study), Anth 8993 (Directed Study), and Anth 8994 (Directed Research).