3D Model Library

The Evolutionary Anthropology Laboratory houses equipment for collecting three dimensional data on surface morphology, including coordinate measurement machines, laser scanners, contact scanners, and structured light scanners. Researchers are currently developing analysis techniques for primate crania, stone tools, and surface modifications on archaeological bone.

We also use three dimensional animation software to create interactive movies of bones and objects students learn about in anthropology courses. Examples of these movies can be found on the following page (3D Movies).

The EALs 3D Center is funded in part with grants from the College of Liberal Arts' Plant Fund and the InfoTech Fees Committee in CLA's Office of Information Technology, as well as support from the Department of Anthropology and the Department of Geology.

We actively seek collaborations to share resources and develop new projects. Please contact Matt Edeling (mjedling@umn.edu) for more information.


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